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OpetusA1 / A2 / A -course (motorcycle) in english

A1 / A2 / A (motorcycle) course in english


A1-class driving license gives you a right to drive a 125cc motorbike, maximum power 11kW/15hp and power/weight ratio max. 0,1 kW/kg. Minimum age 16 years and possible to upgrade to A2 level after two years of driving experience.

A2-class driving license gives you a right to drive a motorcycle with maximum power of 35kW and power/weight ratio max. 0,2 kW/kg. Minimum age 18 years and possible to upgrade to A level after two years of driving experience.

A-class driving license gives you a right to drive motorcycle without power restrictions. Minimum age 24 years

Theory lessons (compulsory and voluntary)

  • Our new courses start every Monday at 11.00 and 17.00 with an introduction theory lesson which takes about 45 minutes time.
  • If you don't have earlier Finnish driving license you must take 4 x 45 minutes Traffic Basics theory lessons.
  • You can also take voluntary motorcycle theory lessons additional 4 x 45 minutes which are recommended but not mandatory.
  • Theory lessons are normally lectured two lessons at a time which means it takes total 1 hour 30 minutes each occasion.
  • Theory lessons are starting at:8.00, 11.00 and 17.00. You're welcome to participate any of these times. It is possible to complete all the theory lessons in about 1-2 weeks time if your schedules allow. Check the dates and times from the schedule below.

Topics of theory lessons can be found here.
Schedule of all theory lessons.

Independent studies

  On the first theory lesson you will be provided with a comprehensive study material package.
  • A physical driving school book will be provided to all of our students
  • Electronic learning environment which includes assignments, self evaluations and learning diary.
  • Practise codes for theory test

Electronic learning environment theory test practise

Practical Driving Sessions

  • Minimum 5 x 50min driving lessons must be completed.
  • Driving lessons are possible daytimes, evenings and occasionally also weekends.
  • Driving lessons begin normally from Pasila unless otherwise agreed.
Our bikes.

Theory examination


After completing:

  • All theory lessons
  • Driving license permit from Ajovarma (more info on theory lessons)
  • Theory exam practise questions on
  • Theory exam practise questions at our office

You will be able to attend to a theory exam at Ajovarma. Exam consists of 20 multiple choice questions, 50 situation shots and 5 risk awareness questions.

If your mother language is not finnish, swedish or english you are able to take the exam with extended time limit.

Handling and driving examination

  Handling and Driving Exam must be completed within 12 months after passing Theory Exam. Duration of the practical exam is 50 minutes. You will receive a temporary driving permit instantly after passing the exam. Plastic license comes directly to your home address in a couple of weeks time from Traficom.

Handling examination assignments.

Course fee

  You can pay the whole fee at once or in parts so that everything is paid by the driving exam.

A1 / A2 / A course prices


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You can sign up for the course by any one of the following means:
  • using a registration form
  • or giving us a call 09-140604 / 040-7036825
  • or if you prefer dropping by at our office, we are open Mon-Thu 11.00-17.00 and Fri 11.00-15.00
  • latest just by showing up about 15 minutes before course beginning, bring some ID document (passport, ID card, etc.) along

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