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OpetusTraining Stage Feedback Period in English

Training Stage Feedback Period

  Training stage begins from the day you pass driving exam and receive a driving license. Length of the Training Stage is 3-24 months. Feedback Period should be completed within 1-3 months after getting driving permission.

Independent studies

  Training stage includes 9 independent study lessons ( 45 minutes). These are completed via electronic learning environment.

Individual driving lesson

  Individual "feedback driving lesson" (50min) is the very first contact part in the Training Stage Feedback period. Driving lesson is driven by school car.

Group theory lesson

  Next part of Training Stage Feedback Period is a contact theory lesson (45min). Theory lesson is held at the driving school premises in Pasila.

Group driving lesson

  The concluding part of the Feedback Period is a group driving lesson (50min). Group driving lesson is normally completed in groups of two students, then it takes time about two hours (2 x 50min). Group driving lesson is driven by school car.

Course expenses

Course fee 185,00 € (incl. VAT 24%)


  Next Training Stage Feedback Period theory lessons:
Tue 5.6.2018 at 19.00-19.45
Tue 3.7.2018 at 19.00-19.45
You can enroll yourself to the course by one of the following ways:

General information

  In Finland B-class driver training program is divided into three stages: basic stage, training stage and advanced stage.
  • The Basic stage (= B-course) takes about 1.5 months minimum.
  • Training stage starts when you pass your driving exam and lasts at least 3 months and maximum 2 years. Inside 1-3 months after passing driving test you must attend to a feedback period which includes two driving lessons and a theory lesson.
  • Within 3 to 24 months after driving test and after completing your training stage feedback period you have to attend to an advanced stage course which takes about one day.
After the advanced stage course you get your permanent driving license.

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