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OpetusB-course in englishTheory topics

Theory lesson topics

Theory program (from 1.7.2018)

Traffic Basics theory lessons: (compulsory)
B1 Driver instruction and traffic environment
B2 Objectives of driver instruction
B3 Responsible driver's basic skills
B4 Special groups in traffic and interaction

Risk Awareness course theory lessons: (compulsory)
B5 Road accidents and giving help in a traffic accident
B6 Car safety equipment and smart devices
B7 Driving in difficult weather conditions
B8 Managment of one's own driving ability

B-class extra theory lessons: (voluntary)
B9 Traffic Environment and Traffic Control
B10 Traffic rules, road markings, traffic signs, traffic lights and traffic controller
B11 Driving in Urban Areas
B12 Parking + Stopping
B13 Junctions - Lanes
B14 Junctions - Driving Turns
B15 Driving outside Urban Area
B16 Overtaking

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