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OpetusB-course in englishTheory topics

Theory lesson topics

Theory program

B1 Driver training and learning
B2 The car and it's handling
B3 Behaviour and equipment of the car
B4 The basic skills of a responsible driver
B5 Interaction skills in the traffic
B6 Traffic enviroment and traffic control
B7 Driving in built-up areas
B8 Driving in intersection - Driving path
B9 Driving in intersection - Driving turns
B10 Driving in open road traffic
B11 Overtaking
B12 Driving in the rain and in the dark
B13 Driving on icy road
B14 Planning a trip
B15 Anticipation - dangerous situation - accident
B16 Social and ecological aspects of driving
B17 Driving task
B18 Driving condition
B19 Car and handling your own condition

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