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OpetusB-course in englishTheory topics

Theory lesson topics

Theory program (from 1.7.2018)

Traffic Basics
(compulsory before theory exam)

L1 Driver instruction and traffic environment
L2 Objectives of driver instruction
L3 Responsible driver's basic skills
L4 Special groups in traffic and interaction

Risk Awareness
(compulsory before driving exam)

R1 Road accidents and giving help in a traffic accident
R2 Car safety equipment and smart devices
R3 Driving in difficult weather conditions
R4 Managment of one's own driving ability

Additional theory lessons:

V1 Traffic Environment and Traffic Control
V2 Traffic rules, road markings, traffic signs, traffic lights and traffic controller
V3 Driving in Urban Areas
V4 Parking + Stopping
V5 Junctions - Lanes
V6 Junctions - Driving Turns
V7 Driving outside Urban Area
V8 Overtaking

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