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InfoChanges to driving license system in 2016

Changes to driving license system in 2016

All driving licenses in Finland will be issued as permanent starting from 1.1.2016

In the beginning of year 2016 the so called temporary two year driving license was removed. Driving licenses will directly be issued for 15 years and for truck and bus categories for 5 years.

Training Stage Feedback Period and Advanced Stage will still remain compulsory for new drivers in Finnish driver education system. New driver who completes driving school course and receives driving license still has a duty to enroll for training stage and advanced stage training even if the permanent license is valid for longer time. Take the certificate to Ajovarma office as soon as possible after completing the training.

If you don't submit the certificate of training- and advanced stage courses within two years time after receiving the driving license and keep driving the car, Police will issue a driving ban on you indefinitely.

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